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For farmers wanting to make the shift to a new model, there are an increasing number of sources to which you can turn, beyond our company, though we are a great place to start.  In almost every state in the United States, your agriculture bureau or the US Department of Agriculture has resources readily available.  In the past couple years, the US Congress has passed laws that help define new categories (organic has exacting requirements; 'natural' is less well-defined). Other important publications can be found on the USDA site, which explains the 'country of origin labeling which is a recent law that should prove highly beneficial to the eat local movement.

Future Feature

Our apologies for an incomplete page; we are in the process of implementing a self-registering system that allows suppliers/servicers to enter their own information and users to search our listings by locality. We possess approximately 200 locally named domains around the world allowing our providers and users to seek each other globally, as well as locally. We hope to have this feature active early next year. Thank you for visiting.