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Health & Wellness

As technology races ahead, a paradox has emerged. Much of the industrialized world enjoys wealth unprecedented in history, yet certain cancer rates are exploding; obesity is epidemic; mental health continues to challenge; the sales of anti-depressants have exploded. How to reconcile growing wealth, declining health?  A simple indisputable fact points us to the answer: as technology has raced ahead over the past 1,000 years, the human body, mind, and spirit have remained essentially unchanged.  Our company is built upon the idea that humans are living in an alien world, one made of machines, artificial products, and adulterated food systems.  What was a natural balance for our forefathers is still NATURAL for us today, but we need to work to regain the balance.

To live healthy lives, we must make our lives more natural. But a natural balance is not found in medication.  Modern man must balance rest with exercise, work with leisure, family and friendships, the spiritual and the intellectual, safe water, naturally clean air, and natural foods.

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  • Natural Yard Care: Avoid pesticides
    pdf file size = 1.6 MB) Pesticides can be harmful for your family and the environment Scientists have found 23 pesticides (weed and bug killers) in our local streams, many at levels that may damage salmon and other wildlife. Overuse of these products can also damage soil and plant health. And studies find increased health risks among families that use lawn and garden pesticides, especially among pets and children. . . . .

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