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Natural Foods

There is a saying that 'we are what we eat'.   Consumers are awakening to the realization that the food they eat is highly processed, contaminated sometimes with pesticides and other times with high levels of growth hormones.  The agri-business-grocery complex has put profits before the welfare of the consumer.  Almost as disappointing, the modern agri-business-grocery complex has produced profits in a way that is unsustainable for our environment. 

Food tainted with industrial toxins has killed an increasing number of people around the globe.  Moreover, the most vulnerable-- children and our pets-- have suffered most, from contaminated milk to toxic pet food.  We hope the links and ads on this page will help you feed yourself and family the most wholesome, healthy, natural and organic food our planet has to offer.

NaturalWorldWideWeb seeks to connect you to more healthy foods, produced in a more sustainable manner.

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