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We increasingly find our selves living in an unhealthy environment, polluted air and water, and even a thinner o-zone that allows more harmful gamma rays to damage your skin.  The last thing we want to do is to put artificial, perhaps even toxic materials on our skin.

Anthropologists have found evidence that humans have been adorning themselves for thousands of years.  But the cosmetic creams and paints used by humans were entirely NATURAL, compatible with the human skin and body.  Again, beginning with the rise of the modern chemical industry and mass production, companies have sold products made of ingredients we only now are becoming dimly aware may hazard our health.   When people question industry, they 'duck' behind the old defense: what evidence shows the connection between our chemical-based cosmetics and your ailment? We know now that cause and effect are very hard to link in just a few tests over a short period of time.  But continue to expose your skin to these chemicals for 10 years? 20 years?   

This site will provide you links to companies and products that will help you adorn yourself or your children in a more healthy and safe manner. 

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