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The composition of our homes and houses has changed profoundly in the past 100 years.  What at one time were wood and horse-hair plaster houses, built ENTIRELY from natural materials produced within the local community, are now homes made of highly artificial, chemically active materials.  The recent headlines are dramatic; for example, entire housing developments in Florida were constructed with walls imbedded with sulphur, at such levels that piping is corroding and humans are experiencing severe health effects.  Our grandparents and great grandparents grew up healthy and strong? What is wrong with natural building materials? Nothing, in fact they should be preferred.  Furthermore, the home furnishings-- from carpet to flooring to furniture-- can sometimes be highly toxic.  We all know the hazards of 'lead paint', and thankfully our government has taken steps to eradicate that danger.  But we must ask: what is next?  Arsenic embedded decking materials? Sulphur imbedded dry wall?  The links on this page will connect you to producers that can better care for your household needs.

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