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There are many thoughtful consumers who realize the hazards of processed and industrial produced meat/poultry and dairy but think that a vegetarian diet comes with no risk to their bodies or the environment.  This isn't quite right.  Indeed, a diet of grains is less hazardous than eating what comes out of the cesspools of many industrial meat operations,  but there are concerns.  Grain is becoming the target of large agri-business in the form of genetic modification.   At a rapid pace the ancient, natural grains that sustained our families for generations will be displaced by hybrids created in labs.  Some products of the agri-business complex may threaten the human race.  In the past ten years, there were plans to create the "TERMINATOR" seed, produced by Monsanto Corporation, that would be made artificially sterile.  Such a seed would make farmers highly dependent upon centrally controlled seed production.  If something happened to this central facility, and our ancient self-reproducing seed had disappeared from farmers’ bins, the human race could face mass starvation.  Cooler heads prevailed, and farmers continue in large numbers to use natural grains, but the trends are ominous.           

Our advice to consumers:  Continue to support naturally reproducible grains.  We believe if it was good enough for YOUR grandparents, it is good enough for YOUR grandchildren.

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